Principal Art Director

Oona founded Dando Projects in 2013 to focus on developing unique identities for the alcohol industry. Oona specializes in art direction but is known to use her own talents as an illustrator and photographer to help clients realize their vision. She prides herself on helping brands aesthetically express their unique personality – memorably and beautifully. Before focusing her efforts on Dando Projects, she gathered almost 20 years of international experience in the advertising industry and; in varying capacities, has worked for  Miller Coors, Levis, Paramount Studios, Ernest and Julio Gallo, Universal, Sports Illustrated, Procter & Gamble, Gap, Banana Republic, Barney’s New York, Vogue, Macy’s, Kohls, Comme des Garçons, NestleUSA, Allure, Coca Cola Company, Qwest, Sundance, Audi, J Walter Thompson, and Saatchi and Saatchi, to name a few. She has worked on thousands of print ads, and over 70 commercials.



Project Manager

Danny is the organizational wizard. He keeps all of the tasks moving forward on a clear timeline and manages the talent involved in each brand development. He specializes in project resources and research. Before founding Dando Projects, Danny worked with Playlife Clothing, Cole Haan and Sundance, and spent many years working in New York City schools.